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You don't just want to be another employee but grow with an early stage tech-startup?


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We are looking for brilliant minds like you, who want to grow personally and professionally in a forward-thinking, open-minded & impact driven start-up environment.

Shape the future of HR in healthcare, our company’s future and most importantly: your own! Join us from the early founding-years onwards.

Current growth-opportunities:

What we stand for.

Our rotable values:

Open for change

We continuously challenge the status quo, prevailing assumptions and grow on change.


We share information deliberately, communicate, disagree and admit mistakes openly in a fair and solution-oriented way.

Empowerment & Growth

We encourage a self-determined workstyle and independent decision-making. We integrate feed-back into our work life to accelerate personal- as well as company growth.

Create Value & Meaning

We focus on results over process and seek value & meaning in what we do.

Dive into our startup-community

and play a major role in our team.


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